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10minute-email.com provides electronic disposable e-mail addresses which expire 10 minutes after you read and reply to the e-mail sent to this temporary mailbox.
You also have the option of adding 10 Minutes minutes more if needed. This is a useful feature whenever you need more time to receive your email in this disposable temporary mailbox. One of the reasons that many people use disposable emails is to avoid spam or any record or logs for accessing a website.

How does it Work?

After you register, most websites send a confirmation e-mail message to validate it.

It is then when this tool comes into play! You can register on any given website and use this disposable e-mail. Thus confirmation will get here instead of to your regular email. You can receive regular e-mails at 10minute-email.com and read them as if you were using your regular email inbox.

In this way, you keep your personal email private. This can help you to be free of commitments, logs or subscriptions.

The purpose of this temporary email is simple. As we mentioned before, it is to avoid infamous spam that websites will send nonstop.

Since most web sites have marketing or advertising campaigns, these sites ask for email addresses so they can send ads or any other type of emails such online registration forms. Sooner than later, we find our inbox full of this sort of annoying advertising.

This is why we highly suggest to use this tool so that you make a temporary email to avoid spam in your email.

One of the things we've also implemented is to save your history of recycled temporary emails, if at any time you want to review and re use some emails, they will be available as long as they have not been deleted from the site's database.

Such cleanup is usually done every week. Your temporary emails archive is stored with a unique key of bitmaps generated from computer to computer. This is so, in order to keep security and privacy. It is also worth mentioning that your archive can only be recycled by you. Only you can see the emails that you created. For this same reason we do our best to protect both your IP as your data.

This disposable email tool can be used from any modern browser both for desktop as mobile devices, so that you have a more comfortable way to create temporary email and check your 10-minute-mailbox. So you can use this awesome online tool in a fast, secure and effective way.

You can also go through our contact form and suggest something or leave your comments. You will receive answers to your questions. They are more than welcome!

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Disposable E-mails

All the e-mails received in the Inbox are disposable. This means they last only 10 minutes. Once this period is over, they are deleted from the Inbox, in such a way that no one can access your temporary mailbox. They have been removed from the database in order to protect your data and keep it private. Remember: you only have 10 minutes available to check your email.

Private mailbox

Our website does not provide a custom mailbox service. Your mailbox is generated randomly. Keep in mind this is an online tool, with the sole purpose of generating a temporary email address for legal use. No one will have access or will be able to read your emails here.

Get 10 minutes more

On the site there is an option to extend the life of your temporary inbox for 10 minutes more. So you can have extra time for effective use. You can set an extra period for 10 minutes before the countdown restarts, however you will have kept your disposable email address a bit longer.

Disposable E-mail History

10minute-email.com enables you to review the history of received emails. In this way you can retrieve emails that expired, before they are removed from our database.

Note: Only mails received between a certain period can be recovered before being permanently deleted from the database. Temporary mail addresses cannot be recovered, they expire after 10 minutes along with the messages. If you want to use a previous disposable address you must check your history and click “reuse temporary email”.

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